One of the most common problems we have seen in over 20 years of experience is that the quality of new work is only ever as good as the level of the previous work you are applying it to. That’s why we like to strip it back to a solid foundation and start from the bare material.

The classic phrase ‘preparation is the key to good decorating’ is rarely heard these days, and more importantly the understanding of its meaning, along with the art of traditional preparation has almost been lost.

We do all aspects of exterior work. From small terrace houses to large office blocks. We approach all projects the same. If it requires standard modern painting where you only need to key up, primer, undercoat and apply two top coats to say, metal railings or a newly constructed front door.

Or if the work is refurbishing and restoring original sash windows, an old conservatory or a victorian greenhouse, we never cut corners and always deliver a premium long lasting finish.

Most importantly we strip back to a sound foundation and then build up, completing each stage of the preparation and application, with premium products to give you the longest protection from the elements, and long lasting satisfaction!

Terra Firma renovate ourselves and specialise in period properties. As and when a project needs, we also sub contract building and carpentry work to trusted and specialised companies or trades men whom we have known, trusted and used over the years.