Terra Firma specialise in complete bespoke period renovating projects. Whether its a single room, hallway, an apartment or a detached large property, we get excited when we can strip it right back to the bare bones and start again. We can then be confident that everything is done by us and is up to our high standard and will last the test of time.

Properties, all have their weak points and period ones even more so, but with modern technologies, methods and products you can combat them with realistic solutions.

If you have a room that needs re-plastering, it's common practice to skim the walls with all the period features still in place. However when you remove the picture rail, skirting board or dado rail and plaster, then re-fit the period picture rails etc, it looks brand new and you cannot compare the two results. The impact that you can achieve is often unbelievable!

We love and appreciate period properties as well as  modern architecture. Yet for us a period building that has been respected in its renovating, decorating and maintenance is a majestic feat that demands respect.

Terra Firma believe investing in this manner is the only way to honour the beautiful buildings that have past the test of time and become our heritage. It's difficult to imagine any of them being built again…

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