Terra Firma Decorators endeavour to treat all our clients as we hope to be treated when we are the client. We believe that if a client pays for our services we our obliged to deliver a premium service.

We always give an honest assessment and recommendations, even if it means we price or position ourselves out of the work!

We take honesty very seriously.

Over the years we have found  that lowering our standards has never benefited our company so these days we simply refuse!!!

One of the most common problems we have seen, in over 20 years of experience, is that the quality of new work is only ever as good as the level of the previous work you are applying it to. That’s why, when possible, we like to strip it back to a solid foundation and start from the bare material.

The classic phrase ‘preparation is the key to good decorating’ is rarely heard these days, and more importantly the understanding of its meaning, along with the art of traditional preparation, has almost been lost.

Quality is, and has always been, connected to price and therefore determined by value. Terra Firma Decorators believe that value has to be judged on longevity.

You will always find a cheaper quote, but very rarely will you find a quote that is better value for money in the long run!